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SOURDOMICS Sourdough biotechnology network towards novel, healthier and sustainable food and bioprocesses is a European-funded research project (through the European Cooperation in Science and Technology - COST Association) dedicated to the exploration of yeast technology throughout the value chain: from the sustainable production of cereals, through the exploration of fermentation processes, to the valorization of by-products in the circular economy.

As this is an international project, with participants from the four corners of the globe, it was necessary to create a web platform that would allow for a better flow of information between all stakeholders.

Although this page is only available in English, an important point from the start was the multi-language support of the entire administration panel, created by Weblevel according to the particular needs of this project and used to manage easily and without using code all the different content present on the page.

In fact, the ease of management and navigation on the page was a priority from the beginning.
A project of this scale always ends up generating a considerable amount of information that needs to be properly cataloged so that it can later be easily consulted by researchers, students, technicians or simply the general public.

A highlight is the integration with the Zoom platform for easy management, creation and public listing of all meetings and events scheduled for the project.