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José Rodrigues was, and will be, an important personality in the artistic and cultural scene, both nationally and internationally.

The mission of the José Rodrigues Sculptor Foundation is the promotion of art, science, scientific research, education, professional training, social action and the creation of the Museum – José Rodrigues School.

With this mission in mind, Weblevel was in charge of creating a digital identity in order to promote the foundation's work.

Simple, with a custom-made design in order to highlight what is most important: the work of the great master of the visual arts.

This page has a direct integration of contents with the Digital Museum of the University of Porto application, a project of the Vice-Rectory for Culture and with the technological support of Weblevel, namely in the listing of itineraries around the most emblematic works of Master José Rodrigues .

As is the norm in any developed project, this page is fully responsive and adaptable to the user's screen, and can be easily visited on desktop, tablet or mobile.