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14 anos

(O futuro só pode ser recheado de sucesso quando há uma equipa como esta para apoiar)

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Datacenter Services

Your email, your website, your database and the security of your information are surely central to the business of your company. We know that.

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Websites Hosting

In 2005, we began to provide hosting in our private servers, placed in national data centers. The quality of the servers, pro-active maintenance, 24 hours customer service.

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Web Programming

With a highly qualified team of Developers and with extensive market experience, we assure you that whatever you think of, we will find a way to make it a reality.

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IT Management

The need to maintain the smooth running of your computer equipment is critical to ensure excellent levels of productivity in your company.

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Datacenter Services

Datacenter Services

Our business is based entirely on technology and we know how important it is nowadays.

That's why we bet on quality hardware, make strong partnerships with companies in the sector, and have an excellent quality of technical service to offer.

We are fully available to jointly define a strategy for your company, that allows you to track your growth.

  • Remote Reboots
  • Bandwith Graphics
  • Specialized
  • Discounts on additional services
  • 24/7/365 Support

Our partners

  • Supermicro

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